Attention! Getting a Vehicle Inspected brings peace of mind to all owners, sellers, and buyers of vehicles. “WHY?” A vehicle on average can travel up to 20,000km per year (Higher on commercial vehicles) and when a vehicle is used it gets what’s known as wear and tear to mechanical components and can also be involved in a collision.

Important If accidents and worn parts are not repaired correctly, without you knowing that vehicle can be dangerous to drive. Don’t Risk It. Get a Qualified Inspector to Check for worn components or poor workmanship on that vehicle so you can have safe driving and a reliable vehicle

Inspection Report
Our Vehicle Inspection Report is put together and completed by highly qualified motor car repairers who have many years of experience in conducting major smash repairs and technical mechanical faults. 
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Pre Purchase Inspection Report
Buying a car; whether new or used can be a stressful experience. You are bombarded by information from different sources. How do you know who to believe? Who can help you separate fact from fiction?

Our dedicated team of Inspectors are at your service. We have a more detailed vehicle check points than any other car inspection organisation. Read more…

End of Car Warranty Inspection Report
Often when a vehicle is purchased, it is provided with a warranty, and that warranty has an expiry date.
Check the expiration in your warranty book and take advantage of it before it expires. Read more…